AG Education & ADVOCACY

Bridging the Knowledge Gap

According to the 2017 (most recent) Census of Agriculture, California's 70,521 farms ranked No. 1 in the U.S. in agricultural sales with $45.2 billion; this accounted for nearly 12 percent of the total and was over $16 billion more than the No. 2 state.

Yet agriculture education in California’s schools is limited.

In elementary and middle schools, no formal agriculture-related classwork is required in the curriculum. And, at the high school level, classes in agriculture are only available as limited electives in a small number of schools.

Our goal is to provide information, resources and experiences outside of the classroom, that increase students’ awareness and appreciation of all aspects of agriculture and related agri-business. We’ll accomplish this through strong relationships with local youth programs and content partnerships with key ag-related agencies and non-profit organizations. These partnerships and critical hands-on experiential learning will help prepare students to advance to higher education or entrance into meaningful agricultural careers.

Advocating for our Ag Families

805 Ag Kids is a fierce advocate for Ag students, parents and families in public board meetings and private committees, most of which convene when families can’t attend, when their voices can’t be heard. So, we’re there for them. And when these meetings feature proposals, discussions, debate and decisions by adults that affect 805 Ag Kid’s participation in local ag activities, we feel a responsibility to voice their ideas and opinions on their behalf.

Learn how you can get involved on behalf of our 805 Ag Kids.