Everything about 805 Ag Kids begins and ends with the kids themselves. We’ve got their collective backs and are dedicated in an effort to give them the support, tools, resources, and exposure they need to pursue and complete animal agriculture education projects and to then continue on an Ag-focused path to higher learning and, for many, careers in agri-business.

This is what we do:

  • Support local youth in their animal agriculture education and projects.
  • Raise money for kids from individual and business donations, corporate sponsorships, and merchandise sales.
  • Provide financial support and resources to our Ag kids via project support money, no-interest loans, grants, scholarships and gifts.
  • Connect Ag youth and families with local, regional, and national clubs and organizations.
  • Raise community awareness of regional Ag youth and the role they play in perpetuating the 805's robust agriculture industry.
  • Be a resource for Ag news through content partnerships with Ag industry organizations and government agencies.
  • Be a resource for the latest information on post-secondary Ag educational opportunities and career paths.
  • Spotlight local youth Ag projects via case studies, marketing outreach, and blog posts.
  • Promote the value of education and experiential learning for youth interested in careers in Agri- business.
  • Build and nourish the 805 Ag Kids website to be a community gathering place for dialogue, shared experiences, Ag project updates, financial support, and more.
  • Advocate for Ag kids and families at public board meetings and committees—representing their collective voices.
  • Establish meaningful, year-round communication platforms to complement our website, including an e-newsletter and social media channels.